Monday, July 22, 2013

Light, Energy, Heat

I love summer. I adore summer.  You will never hear me complaining of the heat. I love to have that sweaty glow. I love the excuse to walk out the door and eat fresh veggies from the garden. I love waking up and deciding right then and there to pack up and go to the beach. I love summer thunderstorms.

The other night, it was finally the end of a six-day heatwave.  There was a quick thunderstorm that came through in the early evening and the weather-folk predicted there would be more all night long.  I have a constant, unwavering energy inside that disallows me from resting very often after work so I decided to give myself the day off and I watched three movies in a row!

With the lights off and perched right next to our large picture window, a spark of light caught my eye.  It was the largest cloud of heat lightning I had ever seen. I turned off the TV and watched it for the next half hour until it disappeared over the treeline.

I watched the light energy bounce like a ping-pong ball in the upper right corner of this cloud mass. Then, like it was having a conversation and its partner took a minute to think it over before giving a thoughtful response, the bottom left corner responded with an equally charged answer.  The next a was bigger, more enthusiastic proclamation, followed yet again by a just-as-bright bright reaction.

I was impassioned.  That's what it felt like.  I was an ardent being, just filled with a feeling of awe, much like what I'm sure it feels like when you're five years old and see fireworks for the first time.

When something like this passes before your eyes, when you feel this sensation, your mind goes clear.  Your lips curl up.  Your face becomes serene and you feel complete happiness.  In this moment it's hard not to realize that you are part of something magnificent....that this world is something magnificent....that with the right mindset, you can do magnificent things.

I hope you reached for the stars on this magical Monday.  I had an amazing meditation this morning, started working on my wedding singing blog, helped my mom (with my bro) start her pen and ink drawing blog, and was inspired to do yoga in the garden.

Om namah.

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