Thursday, June 6, 2013

Clavicle Love

I was doing yoga in a large white room facing a fireplace.  Above the mantle was a mirror, placed so that I could see my head, and down to a little below my clavicle.  I noticed my collarbone and it reminded me of a time when I was with a couple - friends of mine - and he was so taken by his fiance's clavicle.  "Doesn't she just have the most beautiful collarbone?"  I had never even noticed anyone's collarbone in my whole life - but I thought it was really sweet that he enjoyed this uniqueness in her.

At that moment, the love of my life walked in the room to see if I wanted breakfast.  "Do you think I have a flat collarbone?" I asked as I swan-dove into a forward fold.

"Your collarbone is perfect and you're perfect." He left to make us some eggs, spinach and toast.

We are all perfect - just the way we are.  Scars, broken bones, flat clavicles, protruding clavicles, skinny asses, muffin tops, freckles, exposed gums, funny voices.  Because you are supposed to be exactly who you are.  And there is always someone who is perfect for you.

Photo by Ashley Daige Photography - Wanderlust VT 2012