Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gee - you, are You.

Remember when you were little and your mom or dad or caretaker said you have to brush your teeth?  At first you probably stuck the toothbrush in your mouth, moved it around a little, and yelled, "I brushed!"  There's nothing really exotic or entertaining about brushing your teeth, but then when you were forced to go to the dentist every year, and someone started poking at your mouth and telling you that "you have to brush your teeth" and "you will get cavities if you don't brush your teeth," at some point you started to listen.  You started to feel your teeth were cleaner.  You started to notice that your breath actually smells better when you consistently brush.  Believe it or not your immune system is healthier when you brush your teeth daily.

This metaphor is just one of the ways that David Ji explained how a daily routine of...let's call as beneficial to your body and mind, and as important, as brushing your teeth.

We could all use a daily dose of clarity, don't you think? You know that feeling you get sometimes when you wake up in the morning - that you never really got to relax after work - that you never really left work, at least in your head?  It would be so nice to feel a sense of ease and serenity in the morning as we open our eyes, and in the evening right before putting our heads on the pillow again.

David Ji taught me how to find 16 seconds of clarity. Think of something that's bothering you right now.  What is causing your tension? A project? A person?  Picture that thing or person in your mind.  Now close your eyes. Breathe in for four seconds.  Notice the empty space when you breathe in for four, just before you exhale for four seconds.  Now fill up your belly on an inhale for four seconds and pay attention to this breath. Again, notice the space at the top of your inhale. And now exhale for a final four.  For that 16 seconds, did you forget about that thing or person that was causing you tension? Exactly. (If you didn't, try that practice again.)

I had the opportunity to attend a Lululemon event where David Ji was the feature teacher.  He had a very simple way of telling us that you can find this clarity whenever you want, throughout each day, in every situation - as long as you include it in your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth.  Another exercise you can do, if you get bored with the above 16-second exercise in clarity, is to breathe in and fill your heart with love.  Fill it until it's brimming over with the energy of love.  Now exhale and send it to everyone in your family.  Fill it up again on an inhale and then exhale, sending it to all your friends.  Now breathe in, fill your heart up again and on the exhale, send it out to all your teachers - past, present, future, traditional teachers and everyone you've ever learned from.  Again, inhale, fill your heart, and send it to those with whom you have a grievance. Now fill it up again and send your exhale of love to every sentient being on this planet. Open your eyes.

Don't you feel better?

We tend to try and find happiness outside of ourselves.  The truth is - we have all the clarity and happiness we need, right there inside of us.  We just felt it, concentrating on our breath! The guru (our spiritual teacher, mentor) is already inside of us.  "After all," David Ji explains, "how do you spell guru? Gee - you are You!"

Try to schedule in 16 seconds of clarity into your routine - maybe in the seconds before you brush your teeth in the morning.  Try to schedule another 16 seconds before bed - and continue this while you lay in bed until you fall asleep.  Maybe these seconds will extend into minutes and you'll be amazed at the physical (and mental, and all-over) benefits you'll feel from adding this healthy practice to your day.