Saturday, November 5, 2011

Open to Something Greater

I've always loved learning.  I remember my dad saying once during one of our talks before he tucked me in as a child, as he saw stars and curiosity in my eyes, "Don't worry about not learning everything in this world - there is SO much to know!" and I also remember being determined to prove him wrong.  (But then the math section on the SATs came along....)

But really this determination to know everything became not as important, and yet, much more attainable in a way, when I began studying yoga:
"Education is the drawing out of the best that is within a person." Light on Yoga - B.K.S. Iyengar.

Have you ever had a teacher that you absolutely respected and really remember learning from? A trainer that guided you to do your best and "do it yourself?" I think we learn best by doing, and as teachers, the best thing we can give to our students is to let them understand their full potential by giving them tools to figure it out themselves.

As teachers and as students, we can start to understand our full potential by opening our hearts to something greater - something greater than how our job defines us - something greater than how our families see us - something greater than the limited concept of ourselves. (Thanks John Friend :) )

I've felt a crazy urge to play music recently, as work obligations have prevented me from having the time to play as much as I've wanted.  I've needed to change my mandolin strings for about a month.  Last night, while tuning, a prong that holds one of my strings down onto a metal bracket snapped off.  Time to head to the music store. I had always relied on musician friends to help me out when I was in such a jam.  They just knew the instruments so much better than me! I'm just one of those singer types! But last night I finally headed to the store and when the nice man behind the counter offered to help, I couldn't wait to watch him like a hawk and soak in all the knowledge I could - how to clean the wood properly, how to re-string it correctly (so much more complicated than a guitar!), how to match up the "open G" with the enharmonic tone of the 12th fret to determine if the bridge should be moved up or down.... 

Yoga helps me remember, with every breath I'm conscious of breathing, and with every posture to which I give my full intention, to open my heart fully to new experiences, but especially to honor what it is my heart wants. 

If you ever feel "stuck" in a situation life throws at you, open to something greater.  Figure out exactly what it is you want to do, want to learn, want to express, and tell the world - and be heard. Be open to learn from people who you once may have thought were less intelligent than you. Be open to learn from those younger than you.  Learn from their actions.  Learn from their mistakes.  We have all just been on different paths and all have something to share.

A yogi friend said to me recently, "Every being on this earth is meant to shine their light and do exactly what it is that makes them happy."

Whenever I feel stuck or unhappy I tell myself, "I deserve to be happy" and I start to do the things I love.  I make time and make space in my day just for me.  I might not be able to know everything in the world, but if I follow my heart, do the things I love to do, stay on my path and learn from those experiences, I will draw out the very best of me.  And I'll still be open to something greater...always.

Courtesy of Ashley Daige