Monday, February 17, 2014

Letting it Happen

There's all sorts of reasons why our mood might change from moment to moment.  We all have a million things going on at home, at work, with our parents, our siblings, our kids, not to mention what goes on in each of our minds.  It's as if each of our heads is a different planet - all with different make-ups and with different ideas swirling around in there all day long.

No wonder we all react differently to every situation.

Have you ever wanted something to happen really badly - and then it doesn't happen - and then you realize it was better that that certain something didn't happen anyway?  Like to buy that house, for example - you really thought your offer was going to be taken, and you had everything planned out in your head - only to find out that someone else beat you to it?  Then you find out later the foundational beams were all rotted, and they had to spend a fortune tearing down the place - and you found a better one, for less money in a better location?  Okay well maybe not that exactly.  But try to remember a time when you got so wrapped up in a specific outcome and then it turns out that outcome was a bad idea all along.

Outcomes are like material things.  It makes absolutely no sense to get attached to them.  They might (and will) disappear someday and as far as outcomes go, they might not even happen.

The other day I was planning on going to a Flamenco-style music event in Boston.  I had pre-paid and was happy to support the musicians and performers, one of whom I know, and I was so excited to see this unique performance.  The last time I had seen or heard Flamenco-style dance and music was when I visited Madrid a few years back.  The passion of that style of playing stuck with me and I was happy to share this gift with my man and bring him to Boston for the show.

Boston is in New England.  It snows in New England. A lot.

The day of the show, another blizzard was predicted.  Ticket sales were final.  When you're not in the best of financial situations, when you have final-sale tickets, you'll do anything you can to make the show.  But I heard the weatherman - and my man and I would be driving from Connecticut - so a 2-hour drive, at exactly the time the storm was supposed to hit - in a front-wheel-drive car?  Not a good situation.  Have you ever been stuck in a New England gridlock? (Tip: Always pack granola)

This put me in a bad mood.  I called the Box office and they had informed me that "even in yesterday's storm when we had 12 inches of snow, we didn't cancel." Awesome.

I thought back to my New Year's theme: Gratitude and Giving.  I breathed in and closed my eyes.  I instantly released the mood that I had created - all in my mind - and the thought that missing the show was a bad thing.  I thought of reasons why the universe was making me stay home that night.  I could get into an accident.  My throat felt a little sore so maybe I should stay home and rest. My hunnie has to go to Boston twice this week so he should stay home and rest too and save on gas.  My mind was okay with all of these ideas, my heart felt better, and I considered the ticket payment a donation for the talented performers and for the organization running the show. 

Next thing I know, I got a message informing me that "due to the city-wide parking ban and blizzard on the way, the show would be postponed.  All ticket-holders would be refunded."

I smiled.  Spirit had my back.

When I had released my tense thoughts, I realized that my intentions were good.  When you give good intentions to the world, they'll come back to you tenfold.  As Gabrielle Bernstein says, "Your intentions create your reality." The more negative your thought pattern, the more negative your mood and the mood of all those around you.  

So we stayed home, and for the next three days I got to go to bed early and sleep in.  My throat felt a lot better.  On the third day, I got a call from a friend who wants me to sing at a memorial service - in two days. Done. 

All these things were much better than trying to drive through a blizzard, don't you think?

More and more these days, I try to let things happen.  Don't get me wrong - I still write out my goals every year, and every month, and sometimes every week to try to create the reality that I want.  And I create smaller goals with baby steps to put those goals into action.  But I'm not so much attached to the outcome.  I know spirit's got something in store for me as long as I have faith in spirit. 

Plan big - and then try to let it happen.  Breathe in to your mood changes.  Be aware. Enjoy the ride. 

Om Namah

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