Thursday, February 14, 2013

Give Love

Love. Think about it. When you're young, you're jealous if your best friend scores a "first kiss" because you want someone to like you that much.
In high school or college you're upset when your friend "finds someone" because now you have to be alone while they've abandoned you for a partner.
When the first in your "group" gets a ring or gets married or becomes pregnant, you're wondering if you'll soon find "the one."
You know that feeling when you finally get the one - when you finally get the kiss? when you finally get the ring?

You can have this feeling all the time

The thing is - you're made from love.  You were this ball of energy before you were conceived and this energy of love attached itself to a terrestrial body.  We humans struggle inside these bodies our entire lives! You may not even realize you struggle.  Many of us obsess about our external presentation - buying the best makeup, looking in the mirror all day, follow fashion blogs to make sure we're wearing the correct thing - and this can give us the feeling of stress, jealousy and grief.

We always want more money.  We think we'll be happy only if we can buy that shirt we saw on sale because it will make us different and unique!  We'll finally be happy when we get to buy that house. We do all this at the expense of turning inward and looking into ourselves; into our light; into our love.

I happened to quickly see, as I walked by a television the other day, a man with a physical disability.  I stopped and caught just the general feel of his message.  "The only disability in this life is a bad attitude".  As someone who was born with a physical disability he, instead of feeling sorry for himself by comparing himself to all the "normal" beings on the planet, rejoiced in his individuality and found himself happy on his own path.

We all hang on something - our looks; our car; our expensive designer clothes, our partners - why not hang onto love?

The yogis say it's important to celebrate every single moment.  Every moment is precious!  Do you have a toothache at the moment? No? Then celebrate!  Are you out on the street without a warm home? No?  Dance party!

Don't let your ego get in the way and convince you that material things are of any importance.

Because if you don't receive roses this Valentine's Day, or that raise or if you aren't able to go on that vacation or if you miss that sale, you'll always be disappointed.

What if - when your friend got that first kiss - you were happy for them? What if - when your friend receives that diamond - you congratulate them on their relationship and wish them well (and then either educate them that diamonds really have no intrinsic value or silently smile, knowing you won't go into debt over a silly little stone)?

The truth is, the more you give love, the more you become in tuned to that love that is essentially - YOU - and the less you will care about what our culture and media portray as being important. The more you give love (thanks MC!), the more you BECOME love...and the more all beings in your path will feel the love.

So this Valentine's day - don't wish you had someone in your life if you don't.  Don't be sad if you don't receive roses or cards.  And if you are in a relationship, just love your partner unconditionally, just as you (should) love yourself.  Don't wish any changes on him or her, either.  Just see the best in them. Because once you just love it's amazing how people start to feel that energy and change on their own.

<3 Give love - give your love away. <3

Love. Now don't think about it. Feel it. Give it.

[Thank you to all of my spirit leaders, authors, artists, enlightened beings of the yogic tradition who contributed to the inspiration of this blog post. :)]


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